A big thank you to everyone who attended our Fire Door Education Day on 20th September!

It was a very successful day for everyone involved, from our staff who got the opportunity to welcome valued customers, to our guest speakers who enjoyed sharing their expertise on fire door components.

The message is crystal clear from within the industry – reform is urgently needed to building regulations where fire safety is concerned.  But there also needs to be a strong focus on educating contractors on proper fire door safety rules and regulations.  It’s fact that fire doors are found within every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building and are literally ‘life savers’.  Yet they can’t do their job of saving lives and property if they aren’t specified correctly, installed properly and inspected regularly.  However, the risk doesn’t end with proper fire door installation and inspection.  Even if a fire door is managed correctly, that’s still only one link in a larger chain of fire stopping procedures that all need to be followed correctly.  If one link is broken, even by the smallest of margins, fire and smoke have the potential to spread and become deadly in a matter of minutes.

There is huge interest from architects, specifiers and buyers wanting to ‘get it right’, so the winds of change are already in motion.  The challenge for the fire safety equipment manufacturers and trade bodies is now in broadcasting to the entire construction supply chain, on the importance of fire doors and proper fire stopping procedures.  That’s why initiatives such as Fire Door Safety Week are so important.  We know construction changes cannot happen overnight, despite the Grenfell Tower tragedy pushing the fire safety agenda.  We need to build strategic partnerships between manufacturers, suppliers and building contractors, to spread the word and make the industry stronger as a whole.

Rest assured, as a responsible fire door manufacturer wanting to play our part, the MBP group will continually strive towards sharing our knowledge of doors, for as long as the need for fire door education is apparent.

We’ve had some great feedback so far and look forward to Fire Door Safety Week 2018!